Want cheaper flights on AirCanada?

Here is an easy trick to find cheaper flights on AirCanada, by booking on other airlines that AirCanada has codeshare agreements with.  (This is ofcourse when you want to save your points and pay cash for cheaper short haul flights)

Here is a example for booking return flights from Toronto to Memphis.

Step 1
Start with a search on Google flights
Search for the route – e.g. Toronto to Memphis to Toronto – Feb09/Feb11

You will notice that the same flights are for $276 when booked with United or $392 with AirCanada.  All prices are in CAD and include all fees and taxes.

Step 2
Now if you check for the same Air Canada flights on,

you will notice the fare is $391.56

Step 3
Now if you check for the same flights on

you will notice the fare is $275.96

Its exactly the same flight – in fact its an AirCanada flight but also sold by United.

Hence, its cheaper to book on United and you still can earn Aeroplan points, check-in online at or at the airports at Air Canada counters.

So, always check on google flights and it will direct you to the appropriate site when you click on “Book with United” or “Book with “Air Canada”:

Happy savings and Bon Voyage for less.

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