Technical issues with Amex Cobalt

I just received my first statement on the new Amex Cobalt, so I was naturally curious on how I am limited to transfer the points to hotels only instead of airlines and also check that I did receive 10x for spend while dining out.

I noticed two issues:
1. I see a balance of my cobalt points

However, I cannot seem to be able to transfer them anywhere.  When I go to my membership rewards page, I only see the points from my other Amex card that is also enrolled in Membership Rewards.

2. The charges for dining out until Nov30 have accumulated with 5X membership rewards.  But those between Dec01 and Dec15(statement closing date) have also accumulated with only 5x and not 10x as per the promo that is currently running.

I called Amex, and I was assisted by a very friendly representative Eugene who promised to create a ticket and escalate it to have it resolved within 3-5 business days.

This is what has made me stay with Amex since 1993 – their fabulous customer service.