Credit Card Spending

Pay almost any bill with your credit card with no fees

Move over – Paytm is new in town with no fees.











Paytm allows you to pay several billers in Canada and India using your credit card with no added fees.

Popular Mobile Billers include:
Rogers, Fido, Bell etc.

Popular Utility Billers include:
Enbridge, BC Hydro, Hydro Quebec etc.

Popular Tax Billers include:
City of Toronto-Property Taxes, CRA Personal Tax Filing for 2016, City of Mississauga – Taxes etc.

Note that this can be done only via an app downloadable for both iOS and Android.

Once you have created your account, you can add your credit card or bank account details.

Currently there is a promotion where you can get a bonus of $10 credit after you pay your first bill of atleast $25 using my referral code PTM1792386.

While signing up, I encountered some issues when adding my Amex credit card.  It constantly gave me errors and then finally it said I have reached my limit and I need to contact Customer Support.  Note Customer Support was by email only from within the app.  However, later I realized my Amex was added to my profile multiple times and it appears I had reached the max limit of credit cards I can have on my profile.  I was able to delete the duplicate entries and finally pay by bill.

So, go ahead!  Instead of paying your bills from your bank account, rack up points using your credit card for free flights by making payments that you normally would anyway.
Dont forget to use promo code PTM1792386 to get a $10 credit after you pay your first bill of atleast $25.