Keep on collecting Aeroplan

I have seen a lot of negativity lately about Aeroplan and how its such a bad program and people saying good riddance to the end of partnership with AirCanada coming up soon.

For me, it has served well and taken me to places always in premium cabins and planes like Bad Badtz Maru and Hello Kitty for pennies on the dollar using Aeroplan miles.

So, while some are shying away from collecting aeroplane miles, I am aggressively pursuing to obtain diamond status by collecting 100000 miles and I am almost there.

This will give me diamond status till end of 2018.

So, what does that get me?  Here is the chart of the benefits at different levels.

Three of the most important benefits to me are:

Priority access to the Aeroplan contact centre.
This means no more waiting on the phone for over an hour to connect with an agent to book complicated routings.

C$75.00 (plus taxes) non-refundable fee per direction, per ticket
(C$25.00 savings)

C$100.00 (plus taxes) non-refundable fee via the Aeroplan Contact Center (C$50.00 savings)
C$30.00 (plus taxes) non-refundable fee via aeroplan.com in the Manage Your Rewards section (C$120.00 savings)

So, dont knock off Aeroplan just yet based on all the negativity out there.

Keep collecting Aeroplan and keep flying in those premiums cabins.