Credit Card Bonus


I got a sweet surprise in the email today (so it seems to be a targeted offer).  Between December 1 and 31, 2017, when you use your Cobalt Card on eligible eats, drinks and groceries, you will earn a total of 10x the points on those purchases, up to a maximum of $2000. After you reach $2,000 in purchases, you’ll still earn 5x the points on eligible purchases.


I believe this must be the first time ever in Canada, we are getting 10x MR points with Amex.

$2,000 in eligible purchases equates to a total of 20,000 Membership points.

So, what are you waiting for?  Feel free to invite me out for lunch or better still if you don’t have an Amex Cobalt, please support me and use this link to apply for your card.

Fine Print:
All deductions for returns made on eligible purchases will be calculated at the earn rate in effect at the time of the return. This means that the points deducted from your points balance may be different from the amount originally earned.
Supplementary Card purchases count towards the $2,000 spend threshold.
Supplementary Card purchases earn at the same rate as the Basic Cardmember. Provided your account is in good standing, points can be earned on eligible purchases less returns and other credits.