Aeroplan site under maintenance

If you login to Aeroplan today and notice something is off – don’t be alarmed as the website appears to be undergoing year end maintenance.
In fact I noticed this message since the morning of Dec31 when I logged in.

There is a notice that says “Come back soon!”

However, if you login on the app, you see a different view when you go to view your aeroplan status as below;

You are greeted by a not so pleasant aeroplan status that shows you are bumped down to the lowest status of Silver:

In my opinion, it shouldn’t take this long for Aeroplan to do the annual updates, and if it cant be helped, it should atleast display the status as at the end of 2017.  Atleast, it shows the correct balance of aeroplan miles and not reset to zero.

I will login again tomorrow and hope it shows my status as Diamond good through till Dec31, 2018.

Meanwhile, Happy New Year from a frosty Toronto (Its -11C and feels like -21C currently) and lets not just dream but plan many more exciting travels for 2018.

Cheers!!  Sante!!


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